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3/564/942.M41 – Hades Defiant

Invasion + 6 months: Cometh the Hour... The inimitable Commissar Yarrick, at the head of the Rough Riders 3rd Brigade, stands defiant in the face of Ugulhardz Chargers. @johannusminiatures Timeline: 3/564/942.M41 [+6 months – Game turn 3] Ork forces consolidate their positions round Infernus and Helsreach, and start moving south. An offensive is launched towards Acheron hive, but is turned back by the timely arrival of the Space Marines. Hades is surrounded, but continues to hold out, supplied by specially adapted shuttles. This resistance proves to be vital, as more and more Orks are drawn into the siege, allowing Imperial forces elsewhere a vital breathing space. Strategic disposition: 3/540/942.M41 Several key events marked this stage of the war. Its context is detailed further in the article on the  Timeline of the Second Armageddon War . The Astartes make planetfall, providing the Steel Legion and their allies with crucial time to steady their constant retreats. Von Strab was unse

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